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By team154pack
Dear members

In last 72 hours when we are facing about issues cron adpack earnings our Dev team analyse all data to detect what is going on :

We detected a issues in the adpack distribution cron which allows cheaters to distribute money to some account members and request withdrawals.

We analyzed all accounts banned more than 200 cheaters who try to manipulate our system and for this issues we have lost over 10000$ in the last 30 days

for this reason our dev team code new cron adpack make new migration in our server for better security

Somme cheater allways try to manipulate our system to get more earnings and we can't tolerate that .

We pay over 111 days with no delay .

I added more than $ 5000 from my pocket to secure 154pack and allow all honnest members to receive daily earnings from tomorow

to stabilise system we must make few change

we keep daily earning at 5% from adpack with 50% repurchase rules

Earning distribution from active point splited 50% in repurchase balance to buy more adpack and active point.

We do that to secure money and all honnest members can receive 5% daily earnings.

I want to thank all members who suppport us and trust us , we are for the long term as promised.

Once again apologies for this inconvenience.

Team 154pack